our new single "rain will come" is out.

we are recording new stuff and try to schedule some

live concerts for autumn / winter ... in hope that it will be possible.

check out our live dates!


a few days ago we recorded our song "road to the fields" at villa for forest / klagenfurt.

it will be released in juli on the sampler RECORDINGS OF NOW.

click markus to go to the projekt facebook side.

click tomi to see a short video of the recording.

click lisi to see some photographs of the session ...



sad news, good news.

two of our festival-gigs are allready cancelled because of the virus.


we´re working on our second album and on single-releases via "home-office" ...

our first single "rain will come" will be out soon!



we are recording again!

we will release a few singles over the year.

our new album should be ready by winter solstice ...

be aware!


we are proud to play three festivals in carinthia this year!

1.the new  klagenfurt festival will take place at at the end of may;

things are happening right now. we let you know, where and when we´ll be there!

2. stadtmacher open-air in wolfsberg on the 6th of june.

3. acoustic lakeside festival at sittersdorf on 17th of july.

we will play a totaly acoustic set there, featuring jo matti on lapsteel and trumpet.

we will play acoustic guitars, banjo, doubble bass, harps, ect ... be there!


all lyric of our first record are online now ...

we have a whole punch of new songs that we are allready playing live.

time for a new record!



more lyrics.

starting now, bit by bit all our lyrics will find their way to the page.

released or unreleased.

just hit the "lyrics" button in the navigation ...



new songs!

we´ve got about 10 new unreleased songs now.

we do already perform them live, and they´re doing well ... we´ll record in winter.


we are on fakebook now ...

so, if you wanna stay tuned, just like this site:




we just released our new video

"there´s a daemon in me (bob larsen)"

on youtube!


we got momentum again!

our new video "there´s a daemon in me (bob larsen)" will be released on may 1th!

watch out!

and we have a whole punch of new songs to be played and recorded!


we welcome samuel marsche as our new sound engineer!

we are really happy, to have him with us now!



working on some new songs for our second album,

checking live-dates for 2019 ...



first album release concerts scheduled!

klick the "live" button for more info ...

hope to see you there!


our music now is online and to order!

from today you can listen to some of our songs if you hit the music button in the menue.


and: if you hit the album button in the menue, you can purchase our debut-album "going home" directly

from our store, or via the web (jpc, amazon, wom, cd-baby, ...)


we hope, you´ll like it!



hansi & the gretels





cd is here!

the first chance to get one is on saturday, after our gig in wolfsberg!

vinyl is still in progress ...



our new video "blue hour" is out on youtube!

klick on the video-button in the main menue and

get ready for 5 intimate minutes ...




our album now is mixed and mastered.

artwork is done and everything is sent to the pressing plants ...

the cd will be manufactured in hamburg / germany, while the lp will be cut at austrovinyl in styria.

now we have to wait ...

cd should be ready in about 2 weeks,

the vinyl will last a little .... 5 weeks, or so. we´ll see.


we are very happy to have reinhard brunner with his label ATS on our side!

he will make this album available physical and digital all around the world.


be aware of a new video-release in the next days!



we just released our new song / video on youtube:

"eat them horror clowns"

we hope, to have massive impact, to save the world.



just lost hours and hours of my life, to find out,

how to link my lyrics ...

from now on you can find the lyrics of our released

songs at this homepage ...

if you read them, my lost hours of life where worth it.


our new song / video "eat them horror clowns" will

be released via youtube on saturday ...


album won´t be out at winter solstice.

mixing, mastering, artwork, pressing ... will take some time and money.

we´ll release the record in spring.

be aware.





here we are. hansi & the gretels will be around from now on, till the end.


today we release our first video "when you´re gone" (the bucket song) on youtube.


album will be out around x-mas


live shows start now.


see you!