eat them horror clowns        hansi & the gretels 2017



daddy i´m afraid of the horror clowns


they now seem to rule the world


every morning you read the news


these horror clowns are there




the chubby blond one doin´confusing tweets


while the vodka clown is hackin him


the one with the moustage and his half moon saber


and that fat baby clown named kim




now do you think we really need them


why don´t we eat them






eat them horror clowns


eat them horror clowns


there´s no need to discompose just hold your nose and ...


the only tasteful way to beat them is to eat them





mammy i won´t eat that donald burger


it´s much too big and full of shit


and also that recep tayyip doner has got


an awful autocratic taste to it




kim-jong noodles stench could level japan


i´d rather eat atomic waste


and vladivodka shines from polonium


do we really have to taste




my kids you have to be brave now


for it´s the world to save now








and i call for the united nations


to stop that clown invasion


just to find out at least every second crown


sits on the head of another horror clown