living a joyful life ...

it´s not a sin, it´s a duty.

as long, as we don´t harm any creature or ourselfes ...


this song goes directly to the adress of those self-styled

immoral guardians:

don´t harm our "daemons"! they are loveable!

you´d better sit down, relax and take a look at yourself ...


and now for something completely different ...

"blue hour" is the central ballad on our upcoming debut-album.

it´s an intimate, self-destructive confession to a nocturnal life plan.

so darken your room and be ready for some second-hand embarrassment ...



we just released our 2. video on youtube.:

"eat them horror clowns"

this song is fed by the anger about these

horror clowns in todays politics.

we had a little dinner with some friends to save the world ...



now this is our first video on youtube.

"when you´re gone" (the bucket song) is both:

an answer to the cup song, and a little reminder,

to enjoy life ... because you are

what you are, till the day, you are no more ...