going home




bye bye catchers in the rye


i´m passing through or passing by


it depends on if you step aside


i´m going home




no nurse will catch me down down the floors


i know the hallways and the doors


it's just the way i came before


i´m going home




you hipsters on your desert isle


your sirens lure dazed me a while


academic zombies paradise


i´m going home




ooooh oooohh wheeee


i don´t fear stupid melodies


ooooh oooohh wheeee


just like this




now are you sure you´re dressing cool


alternative just like the schools


of all your unique offspring jewels


i´m going home




then sunday brunching with some jazz


successful distinct crucial mass


slap each other on the back


i´m going home




ooooh oooohh wheeee ...




so don´t you forget the pyramids


maslow´s hierarchy of needs


breath food water crap sex sleep


than you can move on