miss envy grimm




hello miss envy grimm


are you doing fine


you know once we took that load from you


so you could leave it all behind




you could not leave it all


'cause greed was in your mind


so you left a stale aftertaste


and with things of mine


you left with things of mine










bye bye miss envy grimm


now you leave my house


i got sacks and bags and boxes


to carry you out




and if that smell comes again


that you left all around


i got papers of all grits


i´ll sand it off the ground


i´ll sand it off the ground










farewell miss envy grimm


and when you mow your lawn


you know its my red tractor


that you're sitting on




go ahead and find your peace


be a good grandma to your niece


all things you do come back to you


we should remember this


we should remember this