rain will come  ///  hansi & the gretels




here we are


in the sun


floating easy on a warm and tender breeze


holding hands


and your blissful eyes are smiling




the days so bright


the skies so deep


all through these years and even in our longest nights


we could keep


a thousand twinkling stars a-shining




one day the rain will come


we know the rain will come


too soon the rain will come


when the water´s gone away


will we have the will


to stay




at night we sleep


up in the towers


of our castles built into the clouds


still fighting through


the half-baked dreams of our childhood




when morning breaks


we shake our bones


a little ache and we embrace our beloved ones


in hope we don´t


know the one for whom the bell tolls








can we keep the grapes of bliss our hearts


can we bring them through the storms in our hearts


or´ll they be scattered on the way from the day


our hearts get torn or torn apart