road to the fields /// hansi & the gretels



on the road to the fields
hiding the load behind my shields


my mind's not going there
it's going anywhere


trying to bring the water to the mill
on the road to the fields


dusty throat and rusty steel


anything that floats may tend to heal



once on those riverbanks


grabbing with my hands


i lost it to the sands


´til i learned how to bend



my face into the stream to draw the feel

on the road to the fields


time to go and turn the wheels


to dump the load and drop the shields



'cause in those trodden fields


a big machine of flesh and steel


is snapping at my heels


it rolls on carrier-runningwheels


and wants me to run just to stand still



so many friends climbed in


to run just for the spin


and with some selfish desperate grin


they disappear in that machine


never to be seen



time to quit the scene


to walk the fields of green


and put some distance in between


the light a fire that is seen


and send up some smoke rings


to the eyes of those miniature kings


to tell them i'm no longer in


that i'm gone


with the wind



time to move on up across the hills


and leave the road to the fields ….